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Does your page display the QRZ Subscriber badge?

The Subscriber badge proudly tells other visitors that you're a QRZ supporter. In addition, our subscriptions provide some great benefits that help you get the most from ham radio's #1 website.

All subscriptions include unlimited daily lookups on the QRZ website, plus our popular Web Contact Log on your personal callsign page.

When you have an active subscription to any of the products listed below, the distinctive subscriber badge is automatically added to your callsign page.

All subscriptions rates are per year, unless otherwise noted. Multi-year discounts are offered on all packages.

Renewals: To renew your existing subscription, just choose any of the packages below. Your current subscription status will be shown on subsequent pages.

XML Logbook Data
per year $29.95

Our most popular subscription. In use worldwide, our XML Logbook Data gives realtime callsign lookups to most logging programs. It also provides the ability to upload/download your log files to the QRZ Online Logbook.

This package is guaranteed to work with your logbook program, or your money back!

Premium Subscriber
per year $39.95

When is one subscription better than two? Easy, when you combine the two most popular packages into one, with a $10 discount!

This package is a combination of our XML Logbook Data and Ad-Free QRZ offerings.

Platinum Subscriber
per year $79.95

This is the top-of-the line package. It includes all of the services listed above, plus additional special features. Includes automatic enrollment in any new online features we may introduce.

Platinum members also enjoy enhanced user support and a dedicated email contact. Click here for more info on the features of a Platinum subscription.

Lifetime Platinum
lifetime $995.00

Platinum for LIFE. Enjoy all the benefits of Platinum, for you and your spouse. Pay one time or in four equal installments. Click CHOOSE for more details.

Custom Page Design Service
per year $24.95

Get a great looking custom callsign page design. Now you can have a professional web page designer give your page a complete makeover you can imagine.

Ad-Free QRZ
per year $19.95

Show your support for ham radio's number 1 website. Choose this subscription if you do not do computer based logging and/or if you would simply like to help support QRZ. This subscription removes advertising graphics from the QRZ web pages, and will generally speed up nearly every QRZ page that you visit.

You also get the option to turn advertising on or off whenever you like, in case you'd like to see what's new from our quality advertisers.