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Platinum Subscriber

Our most feature-rich package, includes all of our other subscription services including XML Data, Ad-Free QRZ, plus MORE. It's the Cadillac of subscription packages, fully loaded and ready to go!

Platinum subscribers join an elite class of members that are automatically enrolled in any additional online services that we may offer so that when something new comes out, they are automatically enrolled!

Additional benefits of platinum subscription include:

  • A complimentary callsign certificate (one per year) upon request.
  • Free, non-vanity callsign / license updates and renewals
    through our VEC partner, W5YI
  • Free, custom callsign page design by our expert HTML designer,
    Vlad, UA6JD
  • Direct line email support contact at QRZ HQ
  • Automatic enrollment in all new QRZ features.

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QRZ Platinum 1 Year $79.95

QRZ Platinum 2 Years $135.92

QRZ Platinum 3 Years $196.93

QRZ Platinum 5 Years $319.97