QRZ's Security Policy
About Security - Online Ordering at QRZ

QRZ has been serving online customers since 1993 with its secure online ordering system. Our strict attention to detail and industry standard security practices has made the QRZ server a trusted host known to hams around the word. All purchase transactions on our server observe the following policy:
  • Our secure server maintains end-to-end encryption between you, the QRZ Server, and our banking providers. All details relating to your transaction are protected from network eavesdropping, regardless of whether you are using a dialup, wireless, or a high speed connection. Your transaction with QRZ.COM and our banking providers is encrypted at all times and cannot be decoded third parties as the information travels across the Internet.

  • All information that you provide to the QRZ.COM secure server when making a purchase is held in strict confidence. Your name, address, email address, telephone number, etc. will NOT be sold, traded or disclosed to third parties. We detest SPAM and telemarketers and we do not support or cooperate with them in any way, ever.

  • Most banks strictly limit your liability in the event of unauthorized use of your credit card. Check with your bank for the specific details. In many cases, if your card or card number was stolen, you will owe nothing for the unauthorized purchases.

  • QRZ uses PayPal for it's online credit card processing. You do not need a PayPal account to make a purchase but for convenience you can use it if you have one.