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Quickly update or renew your license online now for just $8.00

Vanity Callsigns: The fee for vanity license renewals is $24.00.

Note: This page is used to update or renew your official FCC license only. For your QRZ web page, biographies, pictures, email address, etc., please use the tools provided on your QRZ web page.

Avoid the frustration and confusing bureaucracy of the FCC website. Get your official license update or renewal right here in 5 minutes or less.

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The FCC accepts renewals only when the license is within 90 days of expiration. Updates such as changes of address and replacement certificates may be ordered at any time.

If Your License Has Expired
Once your license expires, you have a two year grace period during which you may file for reinstatement. You may not operate (transmit) whatsoever once your license has expired.

After the 2 year grace period has passed, the FCC will cancel your license and make it available for reissue. If your license gets canceled, your callsign is lost and you must start over from scratch by re-taking all the tests necessary to hold the class of license you wish to have. After you have obtained a new license and callsign, you may apply for your old callsign as a vanity call.


You can update your license information at any time. Updates include corrections, changes of address, and replacement certificates. Note that filing an update does not renew or extend your license if your license does not expire within the next 90 days. All renewals and updates, however, will result in the receipt of a new certificate from the FCC.

Social Security Numbers:

As of July 1999, the FCC began requiring that all licensees provide their 9-digit Social Security Number (SSN) with all radio applications. More recently, they have instituted the FRN or Federal Registration Number program. An FRN is is automatically assigned to you once you've supplied them with an SSN. When an FRN exists for you in their records, the SSN is no longer required for subsequent filings. In case you're wondering, this requirement was mandated by Congress as part of the Debt Improvement Collection Act of 1996.

You can rest assured that if you provide us with your SSN that both QRZ and W5YI-VEC have a strict policy of confidentiality regarding SSN's and will not supply or divulge them to any party other than the FCC.

Processing Time:

You will receive a new license certificate from the FCC in two to three weeks after your application is submitted. The W5YI-VEC will process your update or renewal application as soon as practicable. Note that the VEC offices are closed on weekends and holidays.

You can check to see if your license has been renewed by looking in the QRZ Callsign Database, or the FCC's ULS database. If you have any questions about your pending application, please call the W5YI-VEC offices toll free at 1-800-669-9594 or send e-mail to

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